Get notified when a build (Maven or similar) is finished on your local machine (Mac OS X)

For large projects, local builds can take a lot (more than 10 minutes). During this time, you normally switch to another task or simply get stuck in social media. If you use a bash console to run Maven or similar tools, this simple trick can save you some minutes a day. Install this:

Credits: […]

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Joomla Java API

Joomla Java

Source Code: The open source project Joomla Javi API was created to manage Joomla based web site from a Java application. I started it like an hack project (mapping the Joomla MySql DB with Hibernate and playing with some DAOs to create articles), but then I decided to share the code to everybody. With Joomla […]

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Share My Links

Logo Share My Links

With Share My Links you can easily share multiple web links in only one url. When you want to share the results of a web research and you don’t want to copy-paste all the web links, you can use Share My Links to aggregate urls in one short url. You can use the url generated […]

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Rastaq (Rassegna Stampa Quotidiani) is an online newspaper aggregator made with Joomla. Born some years ago for a SEO experiment, it have more than 50000/month unique visitor at the beginning of 2014. A spanish version was recently created, Future improvements: users custom menu (for favorites newspapers) Link:

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ZugOnTime is a web application made with Joomla (front end) and Java (back end) that notify users when a Swiss train is delayed. ZugOnTime is designed for commuters: the user enters the list of trains that take every day; if one of these trains is delayed, every user with that train in the list is notified […]

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Clustering esempio

L’ultimo requisito dell’applicazione di esempio RubricaWeb è il suo schieramento in un cluster di nodi JBoss. Il Clustering permette di eseguire un applicazione su vari server in parallelo, offrendo un’unica vista ai client dell’applicazione. Il carico è distribuito tra i vari server, e se uno ha qualche problema, l’applicazione è comunque accessibile tramite gli altri […]

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