Diego Castronuovo

Independent Software Engineer

Email: info@diegocastronuovo.com

Geneva, Switzerland (available remotely)

About Me

Hi, my name’s Diego and I’m a DevOps and Full-Stack engineer. I help startups and corporates to get ideas into production by using cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes, OpenShift, AWS and Spring Boot.

I started as a back-end developer in the financial industry, where I learned agile methods and software quality standards. Then my entrepreneurial spirit led me to work on different projects using the lean startup method.

Some principles I use: the twelve-factor app methodology, Unix philosophy, and the Agile Manifesto.

I’m always open to discussing ideas and collaboration opportunities.




Full-Stack Software Engineer

Feb 2016 - Present

Design and implementation of Sporfie back-end infrastructure, a production-ready SaaS product (Java 8, Spring Boot, Firebase, REST API, GraphQL, Elasticsearch, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Docker, AWS S3, AWS Elastic Cache / Redis, AWS Cloud Front, Serverless Architecture, CircleCI, Microservices Architecture, Spring Data, and MySQL)

Generali Insurance


Software Architect / DevOps specialist

Sept 2018 - Dec 2019

Working as a freelance consultant on a private cloud solution based on OpenShift.

  • CICD refactor using a GitOps approach
  • Monitoring infrastructure (Prometheus and Grafana)
  • Docker image security scan set up with Anchore Engine


Software Engineer / Entrepreneur

Oct 2015 - Present

Lean startup experiments with cloud deployment, cutting edge frameworks and productivity tools.

Hortis GRC SA


Software Engineer

Nov 2014 - Oct 2015

Back-end Java development of GlassIG, a SaaS for corporate information governance. Involved in the migration from a traditional on-premise infrastructure to the cloud.

Swissquote Bank SA


Development Engineer

Jul 2011 – Aug 2013

Development and maintenance of back-end batches and daemons (80%) and web applications (20%).

  • Cash management (incoming and outgoing payments)
  • Interface between front-end (Swissquote platform) and back-end (Temenos T24 banking package)
  • Documents automation
  • Technologies, frameworks and tools :Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Mercurial, TDD, JUnit, jBehave, Spring Integration, JMS, API development, BASH, Oracle DB, SQL, Atomikos, Quartz, JQuery, Agile methodologies (Scrum and Kanban), Jira, Confluence, Hudson & Jenkins


Alma Mater Studiorum - Bologna, Italy


Master’s degree in Computer Science

Alma Mater Studiorum - Bologna, Italy


Bachelor’s degree in Internet Sciences

A Little More About Me

Alongside my interests in software engineering some of my other interests and hobbies are:

  • Being a father
  • Cooking
  • Travelling